Urban K-9
2 Week Board & Train Program





Urban is designed around people who live in or near busy metropolitan areas and requires that their dogs are exposed to distractions at the highest level. In this program, your dog will be taken to numerous high level distraction areas throughout their 2 week training (examples: busy events, highly populated metropolitans, airports, shopping centers, train stations, etc)

• 2 week of immersive training
• dog will board with a pro trainer
• 6 guaranteed commands
sit (extended sit)
place (extended place)
On leash heeling
Down (duration down)
Off (stop unwanted behaviors)
• Full Off Leash Recall
• Greeting Manners- Door manners – meal manners
• Includes e-collar
After completion, owner will receive a 90 min one on one session to detail
everything their dog does, and how to properly handle them.
Free Refresher For Life

$600 deposit is required.