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Here at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we believe that every dog is trainable — even aggressive ones. 

Through our one-on-one sessions that we personalize to you and your dog’s needs, we’ll help you learn how to communicate with your dog and successfully overcome aggressive behaviors ranging from barking and lunging to snarling and snapping

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Common Types of Dog Aggression

Most of the time, aggression in dogs is a learned behavior and stems from feeling frightened, unprotected or vulnerable. There are many specific types of dog aggression, including: 

  • Dominance aggression: Some dogs will display dominance aggression towards another dog or person if they feel their status as “top dog” is being threatened.
  • Food aggression: Food aggression can occur if a dog feels as if their food source is threatened by a person or another animal.
  • Fear aggression: Dogs can react aggressively out of fear if they feel they are trapped or in danger.
  • Frustration-elicited aggression: When they are prevented or held back from doing something, some dogs can display frustration-elicited aggression.
  • Pain aggression: Some dogs can become aggressive when they are injured, sick or in pain.
  • Predatory aggression: In dogs with a high prey drive, predatory aggression can cause them to aggressively chase or grab fast-moving objects or animals.
  • Protective aggression: If a dog believes someone to be in danger, they can react aggressively in an attempt to protect them.
  • Sexual aggression: Male and female dogs that haven’t been neutered or spayed can display aggression during mating season.
  • Territorial aggression: Territorial aggression happens when a person or animal attempts to take away a toy or invades a dog’s personal space, or “territory.”

Experience a Safe, Reliable Companion With Our Aggressive Dog Training

Regardless of your dog’s breed, size or age, our team at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland can help you train your dog to safely and reliably respond to triggers and threats — even off leash. Whether they are displaying predatory aggression or fear aggression, we’ll work privately with you and your dog, providing you with the tools, skills, obedience and desensitization needed to transform your dog’s behavior.

Our specially designed training for aggressive dogs includes eight private lessons. The first four lessons include our basic obedience package. This training will equip your dog with a solid foundation as they learn five commands ranging from “come” to “off.”

Then, the next four lessons will involve working with and training your dog in different settings, scenarios and situations. You’ll be able to test the commands — even around other dogs — as you work through their reactivity and aggression.

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From dog food aggression training to dog leash aggression training, our team of skilled trainers for aggressive dogs near you have handled and can help with all kinds of behaviors.

There is hope for your dog — no matter what kind of aggression they are displaying. Give us a call at 443-743-3221 or fill out our online contact form to get started on training your dog to be a safe, well-behaved companion in any setting or situation.


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