Tips for Keeping Your Puppy Engaged During Training

Puppies are naturally playful and curious creatures, so training sessions can be a great opportunity for them to have fun while learning new skills. Here are some  ways puppies can have fun during training:

1. Interactive training games:

Incorporate interactive games into training sessions, such as hide-and-seek or fetch. This makes training more engaging and exciting for the puppies, encouraging them to actively participate.

Here is a fun game to incorporate when playing a game of fetch.  The Drop Game

Why train The Drop Game?

There will be times when your pup will pick up something that he is not supposed to have. By  Teaching your pup a simple cue, your pup will drop whatever he has in his mouth.

How to train the Drop Game:

Step 1: You may use two toys or a treat stick.

Step 2: Placing one object behind your back, offer, the other to your pup to either tug or chew on.

Step 3. Once your pup has it firmly in his mouth, place the higher stake treat or toy under his nose. Once he figures he can’t have both in his mouth say “drop it” in a firm voice.

Step 4. Once he drops the object immediately mark “yes” and reward with the higher stake reward.

2. Treat Rewards for Puppies:

Use small, tasty treats as rewards for correct behaviors or successful commands. Puppies love treats, and this positive reinforcement helps them associate training sessions with a fun and rewarding experience.  Here at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland we recommend beef liver treats since a  lot of dogs develop into chicken allergies. Some dogs can be picky when it comes to treats. If you are struggling to find a high-value reward our trainers can offer some suggestions such as using their kibble.

3. Puppy Play Breaks:

Intersperse training exercises with short play breaks. This allows puppies to release pent-up energy and have a little fun before continuing with the training session. It also helps to keep their attention and motivation levels high. A good rule of thumb is 3-4 minutes per skill session.

4. Incorporate Toys into Training:

Use toys as training aids to make sessions more enjoyable.  For example, teach puppies to fetch or retrieve specific toys as part of their training routine. This adds an element of fun and playfulness to the training process. Safety is always a top priority. Our Trainers like to use balls that have openings to allow airflow in case of accidental swallowing. When choosing toys for your puppy it is important to purchase the right size to avoid injuries.

5. Socialization Opportunities with Other Dogs and People:

Training classes often provide opportunities for puppies to interact with other dogs and people. This socialization aspect can be a lot of fun for puppies as they get to play and learn alongside their peers.

Our puppy camp program is a great way to combine socialization and obedience training. Our Puppy Camp is on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with drop off as early as 8:00 am and pick up by 5:00 pm. While your puppy gets to socialize all day with other dogs their age, they will also be taken out several times throughout the day to train one-on-one with a Professional Trainer.

6. Variety in Exercises:

Keep training sessions interesting by incorporating a  variety of exercises and commands. Puppies enjoy the challenge of learning new things, and this keeps their minds stimulated and engaged.

Remember, while having fun is important during training, it’s also crucial to maintain structure and consistency. Balancing playfulness with discipline helps puppies develop good manners and behavior while enjoying the process.


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