Refund Policy

Off Leash K9 Maryland’s Refund Policy:

There are NO refunds for dogs that have enrolled and
participated in any in-person dog training or puppy training program provided by

Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, due to the individually tailored nature of evaluations, private lessons, research, development, and access to proprietary material, equipment, etc to owners wishing to terminate their agreement. Off Leash K9 Training Maryland reserves the right to terminate any agreement at any time for refusal to maintain a reasonable timeline of completing programs that offer a fixed number of in-person private lessons (3 months for 4 lessons, 6 months for 8 lessons), or endangering the safety and welfare of Off leash K9 Training Maryland owners, clients, and staff. At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland discretion, a partial refund may be made available after transaction fees, cost of evaluation, private in person lessons and training equipment supplied by Off Leash K9 Training Maryland deducted from the overall training cost of the program.



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