Therapy Dog Training in the Baltimore Metro Area

Therapy dogs offer both physiological and psychological therapy to those in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, group homes, schools and other institutions. They are able to interact with individuals or groups of people, offering a calming presence.

Having a therapy dog allows you to provide comfort and relief while helping to ease stress and loneliness for those dealing with physical or emotional problems. While any dog with a good temperament and training can become a therapy dog, they do need to undergo certification to be able to provide this kind of volunteer work.

At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we can help you and your dog prepare for certification,  so you can start making a difference in the lives of the people around you.

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How to Certify Your Dog as a Therapy Dog

Here at Off Leash K9 Training, we can help your dog learn the manners and social skills needed to become a certified therapy dog. Through our Therapy Dog Development Course, you and your dog will be able to work one-on-one with our skilled trainers while gaining exposure to different settings and scenarios.

This entire course includes eight private lessons. The first four lessons are focused on basic obedience. During this time, your dog will learn five commands which will provide them with a solid training foundation that they can use both on and off of a leash. Then, the next four lessons will be specifically tailored to you and your dog’s needs. Two of the lessons can be held at a local store or park to test their obedience while surrounded by distractions.

Following the completion of these eight lessons, you will be able to find a local organization that will complete your certification.

Therapy dog comforting their owner

Benefits of Our Obedience and Therapy Training Program

Along with obtaining therapy dog training certification, our programs are designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to better communicate with your dog. Whether they will be in your home or providing therapy in an institution, you’ll notice a dramatic change in their manners and obedience.

Your dog will have more confidence and freedom to enjoy life as they reliably respond in various settings with different levels of distractions.

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Therapy Dog Training FAQs

What training is required for a therapy dog?

To become a therapy dog your dog will need to be well-mannered and obedient. We highly recommend being able to pass a Canine Good Citizen test.

Can any dog breed become a therapy dog?

Yes! Any dog breed can be a therapy dog.

What are the requirements for a therapy dog?

Any dog over the age of 1 year old and has been with their owner for a minimum of 6 months can be a therapy dog. They cannot have any reactivity or aggression.

Is a therapy dog a service dog?

No, there are key differences between a therapy and a service dog. Service dogs are regulated under the ADA and trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort to multiple individuals and typically visit facilities like schools, mental health facilities, hospitals, etc.

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Our skilled trainers here at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland are passionate about giving every dog — regardless of their breed, age or size — the personalized attention and training they need to deliver comfort and joy in a variety of therapy situations and settings.

Through our therapy dog training programs near you, your dog will be well-equipped for this type of volunteer work. We are open seven days a week, offering daytime, evening and weekend lessons near you, so you can train your therapy dog on your schedule.

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