Maryland Board and Train Dog Obedience School

We love our dogs and want to spend as much time with them as possible. However, it can be challenging to introduce pets to unfamiliar settings with new people, animals and other stimuli. When you sign up for dog obedience camp, your pup will learn manners and socialization skills that will help them behave appropriately in any environment.

Off Leash K9 Training Maryland offers an overnight dog training camp in Annapolis that gives pets the instruction they need to create positive interactions with both animals and people. Our skilled trainers provide every dog with personalized care for the best results.

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Board and Train Dog Camp

Our overnight dog obedience camp aims to teach dogs obedience, manners and socialization while giving them the freedom to play. We offer one- and two-week board and train dog camps where your pup will interact with our compassionate and knowledgeable trainers to develop good behavioral skills. No matter which package you choose, your furry friends will be in capable hands.

Two-Week Training Camp Near You

When you sign up for our two-week program, your dog will learn obedient behavior with high-level distraction training. This intensive package focuses on teaching dogs basic, everyday skills in an off-leash, outdoor setting. At the conclusion of the two weeks, we will conduct a one-on-one session with you to educate you on how to handle and manage your dog using the commands they learned.

Our two-week program offers the following training:

  • Sit and extended sit
  • Place and extended place
  • Loose-leash and off-leash walking
  • Down and extended down
  • “Come” command
  • Waiting patiently at gates and doors
  • Greeting manners
  • Waiting politely for meals
  • Training with distractions

One-Week Training Camp

Our one-week freedom board and train is designed to give your dog the freedom to run and play at beaches, parks and playgrounds without the restraint of a leash. We’ll teach your dog practical commands and manners that enable them to behave in any environment. Once your dog completes their training, we will invite you to a one-on-one session where we will teach you how to control your dog and make the most of their lessons.

When you enroll your dog in our one-week board and train dog camp near you, they will learn these basic skills and commands:

    • “Come” command
    • Waiting patiently at doors and gates
    • Sit and extended sit
    • Place and extended place
  • Waiting politely for meals

Why Choose Off  Leash K9 Training Maryland?

At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we believe that every dog deserves the chance to enjoy their freedom. That’s why we’ll never turn away or discriminate against any dog, no matter the breed, size or age. We maintain the idea that every dog is trainable — whether they’re aggressive, hyperactive or shy. When you sign on with us, you can trust that we’ll see your pup’s training through to the end with the best results.

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You can give your dog the tools they need to reliably behave in public places with Off Leash K9 Training Maryland. We offer numerous dog training courses that will help your dog become a well-rounded companion, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

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