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Every dog owner can agree that pets are important members of the family. You can build a strong relationship with your dog and cultivate positive experiences by enrolling them in K9 training classes near you. Whether your pup has behavioral issues or you want to improve communication and trust between you and your pet, you can give them the tools they need to be a loyal, well-rounded companion.

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At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we offer dog behavior training courses that teach manners and obedience while building confidence and trust. Our knowledgeable and compassionate trainers give every dog the personalized attention they need to develop excellent behavioral skills.

Dog Obedience Training Classes

Every dog is different, so why should their training be the same? At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we offer private one-on-one sessions that are personalized to your dog's needs to ensure the best results. When you sign on with us, your dog will receive customized care from the best dog trainers in Maryland. We offer a diversified selection of obedience packages that you can choose from based on your needs:
  • Basic obedience starter package: This option includes one training lesson with our E-collar and 15-foot leash. Though this is a one-session package, you can book additional classes if you'd like extra training.
  • Basic obedience package: This course, which also features our E-collar and 15-foot leash, includes four intensive lessons. During basic obedience, we will teach your dog loose-leash training and foundational commands like "sit," "down" and "off."
  • Basic and advanced obedience package: Our advanced package includes eight lessons featuring extended distance obedience and various commands like "heel," "watch," "stand" and many more.
  • Two-week board and train: This two-week-long course focuses on everyday obedience, manners and socialization, including leash walking, commands, training with distractions and more.
  • Dog aggression training: If your dog has aggressiveness or reactivity problems, you can sign them up for aggression training. This package consists of eight private sessions, including our basic obedience package, plus full immersion into numerous settings and scenarios.
  • Puppy packages: We offer three puppy training packages at different rates that will help your puppy learn obedience and manners over the first five months of their life.

Why Choose Off Leash K9 Training Maryland?

At Off Leash K9 Training Maryland, we help dog owners experience the pride, joy and confidence of having a well-behaved pet. We believe that every dog deserves to know the full freedom of being a dog, which is why we teach them manners, obedience and socialization skills so they can safely explore the world around them without a leash. We love every dog we meet. We will never turn away or discriminate against any dog, no matter the breed, age or size. Whether your pup is shy, aggressive or hyperactive, our trainers will not give up on them. We believe that every dog is trainable, so you can trust that we'll be the last trainers you need to help your dog succeed.

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With excellent trainers, diverse dog training classes and private personalized sessions, it's no wonder people are talking about Off Leash K9 Training Maryland. We have a photo gallery and hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers on Google and Yelp that speak for themselves. We also have our own YouTube channel featuring over 700 videos of some of the amazing dogs we've trained over the years.

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If you're looking for personalized care for your dog or puppy, choose Off Leash K9 Training Maryland for dog behavior training. We help dogs overcome behavior problems like barking, biting and jumping by developing obedience and manners through private, one-on-one sessions. Our expert trainers are dedicated to providing every dog with individualized care to find behavior solutions that work for them. Our number one goal is to provide dog owners with the tools they need to maintain a trusting and positive relationship with their pets. Give us a call at 443-743-3221 or sign up for dog obedience classes today! Welcome to Off Leash K9 Training, Baltimore Maryland.
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