Two dogs with their owners walking as a pack

Pack Walks


*For Current Clients Only*

It can be hard to socialize dogs in a safe way especially when working with reactive dogs. Here at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland we are introducing Pack Walks to help dogs have more positive experiences when in company of dogs. Walking within a pack can give your dog opportunities to socialize without interacting face to face. Encountering these situations will help them begin to build confidence and trust. When walking in a pack they receive positive reinforcements from new smells, exercise and feedback from owner while forming positive relationships. When constant rewards are always available it is easier for dogs to learn.

Dogs learn from one another not just from us teaching them. Negative behaviors come from a lack of knowledge of what is acceptable and learn from the pack what are better ways that they can behave. When walking around other dogs who are modeling good behavior will help reinforce your expectations. Group settings teach self control, social intelligence and listening when distracted.

Enjoying walks together as a family will take your pups obedience, confidence and bond to a higher level. Learning timing and communication will not only be beneficial but allow you both to enjoy walks together again.


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