How Much Time Do I Need to Invest in Dog Training?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs enjoy behavioral training. And it’s no wonder they do — their favorite human’s
attention and scrumptious treats are usually involved. What’s not to love?

Behavior training lessons are also a great way to bond with your furry friend and build a bridge of trust that will
last a lifetime. So, don’t be afraid to invest time in training your dog.

How Often and Long Should I Train My Dog?

Naturally, you may be wondering — how often should you train your dog, and for how long? These are important
questions, and the answers depend on a few factors.

Each dog will have unique training needs based on:

  • Breed: Some breeds are teeming with energy, like Labradors or border collies. You may be able to
    hold their attention and train them quicker than a laid-back breed like a bulldog or basset hound.
  • Age: Just like a toddler needs to learn to walk before they can run, your pup needs to learn how to
    be a dog before they can master commands. Wait until your puppy is at least five months old before you begin
  • Background: Senior or rescue dogs may catch onto commands quicker than puppies. In other cases,
    they may need more time to adjust. Each dog is unique!

Despite your dog’s breed, age or upbringing, dogs are usually eager to please. But they can also have short attention
spans — especially if they’re puppies or new to training.

We recommend training your dog in 15-minute intervals at a time. Otherwise, they may grow bored or become easily
distracted. The key to effective training is holding your dog’s undivided attention.

Practices Commands in Short, Consistent Sessions

As you begin training, find a quiet place to practice one command. Make sure your dog has mastered it before moving on
to the next. If you consistently dedicate 15-30 minutes to behavior training each day, you may be surprised at how
quickly your furry friend can learn with the help of positive reinforcement. But, again, each dog is unique. Some dogs
may take longer than others to train, and that’s okay!

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