Boarding Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

If you’re planning a fun vacation away from town, you might be thinking about boarding your furry loved one while you’re away. While this option lets you relax knowing your pet is in caring hands, your dog’s anxiety might give you second thoughts. Your dog’s separation anxiety can make you feel like you have to limit your traveling opportunities — but don’t cancel your vacation just yet.

With the proper boarding professionals by your side, you can take memorable trips while your furry friend receives training to combat their anxiety. Take a look at how our boarding and training facility can help train dogs with separation anxiety.

What Happens During Our Board and Train Program

Sometimes, owners can feel just as anxious as their dogs when going away for the first time. We totally get it! That’s why we designed our Board and Train Program to make boarding your dog as comfortable as possible for you and your furry friend.

Our two overnight programs offer opportunities for your dog to learn basic commands and manners while socializing with other pets. These positive interactions can help distract your pet from being separated from you.

Our Board and Train Programs include:

  • One-week training camp: While you take a well-deserved vacation, your dog will learn basic commands such as sit, come and wait. Their new training will allow them to roam freely off-leash on beaches, parks and playgrounds so they can get to know other furry friends. After the week is over, you can join us to learn how to do these commands with your fluffy loved ones!
  • Two-week training camp: In two weeks, your dog will learn basic obedience and commands that allow them to socialize positively with other dogs and people. Our high-distraction approach teaches them how to behave outdoors and off-leash for the long term so they can greet you with new obedient behaviors to practice at home.

How to Board Dogs With Separation Anxiety

While separation anxiety training can be a big help, you want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. Here are a few other ways you can ease your pet’s anxieties when it’s time to board them.

Bring a Comfort Toy for Your Dog

Familiarity and a little piece of home can make a huge difference for your dog when they stay at a boarding facility, especially for the first time. Make the transition from home to boarding easier with your furry friend’s favorite toy.

A squeaky toy, stuffed animal or another small reminder of their playtime with you can offer a lot of reassurance for a dog’s anxiety. When preparing your dog for an extended stay at a boarding facility, this small factor can give them something to snuggle up with as they sleep on the exciting memories of the day.

Ease Your Dog Into Being Away From You

Dogs are incredibly observant — they may even notice that you’re preparing for a fun trip out of town. When you start packing and finalizing your plans, this time is perfect for getting your dog used to the idea of being away from you.

There are a few ways you can help your dog get comfortable being at a distance from you. A few simple steps you can take can include:

  • Keep them in a separate room at home while sleeping: If you and your furry friend sleep in the same bed, they might have a hard time spending nights away from your presence. To make the transition a little easier when you travel, you can try putting a dog bed in your living room, kitchen or another cozy area for them to sleep in so they can get used to not sleeping close to you. The sooner you start doing this, the easier it will be for you and your fluffy companion to be apart.
  • Do a trial run: The best way to know how your dog will react to being away from you overnight is to do a trial run of the boarding process. You can contact a trusted friend or family member nearby to see if they can watch your pet for a day. If they’re comfortable with this, bring your dog’s favorite toys, foods and bed to the other home and let them get used to being around other people. Let your dog get settled in and see how they do away from home.

The only time you don’t want to slowly ease your dog into things is when it’s time to drop them off. When the time comes to say “goodbye” to your fluffy loved one, try not to make the departure too long. Prolonging your separation from them can make it more challenging for you and your dog to truly go your two different ways. Instead, give them one last snuggle and their favorite toy and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Ask Your Vet About Anxiety Medications

A quick trip to the vet’s office can make your travel plans easier for you and your pet. When easing them into being apart doesn’t seem to do the trick, anxiety medication can benefit your dog’s attitude and actions when they realize you’ve left.

If you think this route can help, try to make an appointment ahead of time, so there’s plenty of time to ease your furry friend into the medication. Allowing them to get used to the medication can help make them feel ready to be apart from you while you travel. You might even want to visit if you notice any of these common symptoms of your dog’s separation anxiety:

  • Aggression
  • Excessive panting, barking and drooling
  • Restlessness and pacing
  • Destructive behavior
  • Urinating in the house
  • Compulsive actions
  • Depression

These signs can be subtle, but the sooner you notice them, the better for you and your dog. Vets typically recommend antidepressants or Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to calm their nerves and reduce these common symptoms.

Off Leash K9 Training Maryland Boards and Trains Dogs With Separation Anxiety

For a boarding facility that puts your fluffy companion’s needs first, Off Leash K9 Training has your back! Our team of professional trainers takes extra steps when training anxious dogs to ensure they’re comfortable and receive the proper sessions to socialize positively with people and other furry friends.

When you book a session in our boarding and training facility in Maryland, we can walk you through a detailed plan that fits your needs and your dog’s. We are happy to work with dogs of any breed, size and age!

Contact Off Leash K9 Training professionals to discuss training package options that’ll work best for you.

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