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Alex M wrote a wonderful 5 Star review about our 2 week Board and Train Program:

Our five month old French Bulldog/ Boston Terrier, Moose, mix spent two weeks with trainer Chris for the OLK9 board and train program and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Moose was always our sweet little guy but really needed help with basic obedience and even house breaking was something we continued to struggle with. Chris transformed our sassy, disobedient and destructive puppy into a real superstar!! Cannot say enough good things about this program and the trainers, but here are a few of my top highlights and notes from my experience:

1. Trainer Chris provided us with constant photo updates throughout the two weeks making the separation much easier for us. We knew Moose was getting tons of love and felt comfortable and safe.

2. Picking Moose up and seeing all of his new tricks was really impressive. The training space is immaculately clean and professional looking. Chris walked us through everything he had done with Moose and told we would need to know for continuing and maintaining Moose’s progress. This took about two hours- we felt really taken care of and left feeling even more confident. The trainers care deeply and want this program to keep working for you!

3. Moose showed Chris affection during our pick up debrief session- this really made me happy knowing how happy my pup was and I was glad to see the trainer bonded so well with him! More peace of mind and satisfaction with our decision to enroll Moose in the board and train program.

4. A review of the overall “after”- Moose has significantly improved. He could barely walk on a leash with my fiance and I (causing havoc in our apartment lobby with other dogs or annoying other residents due to our inability to maintain him on a leash and also endangering himself and stressing us out as we tried to walk him at parks and throughout DC) and walking him was never enjoyable. This has gone away and now he is so polite and mannerly to walk with!! This by far has been the most AMAZING aspect of his transformation. It was our goal to see Moose become more manageable and this has absolutely been achieved. Chris took care of his potty training issue with ease and this has been a huge life saver. Moose listens when we say “off” (the command used for “no”) now and he has ceased all chewing and destructiveness in our house. Major bonus!!

5. Two days post training session, Moose is not exactly 100% accurate at all times- he is only a 5 month old puppy after all- and has little “oops” moments where he completes a command half way or slightly incorrectly. HOWEVER, we can clearly see that his little puppy brain gets it and he is trying really hard and that is absolutely fantastic to see as a dog owner. The “Aha moment” is there in our Moose thanks to Chris and now we are running with it! That being said, we are just floored with his transformation and feel 100% empowered and prepared to keep his training going on at home. Chris provided us with the information and instruction we needed to do this and answered all of our questions. He has been super helpful with emailing to answer questions or reassure us when needed and I truly appreciate all of his continued support and genuine concern!

FINAL NOTES ON MY EXPERIENCE: This program is vigorous and intensive. In two weeks my pup has completely transformed and it this was obvious the minute we picked Moose up. Worth absolutely every dollar!! YOU WILL GET RESULTS. I really feel that with Moose’s new obedience I will now be able to build a better relationship with him. As an owner, I feel that I can now get the most out of my relationship with Moose (less time scolding, less time feeling frustrated, more time enjoying him and doing fun activities without stress!!!)

LASTLY, I would like to recommend this program to anyone interested in improving the obedience and manageability of their dogs. I really think this program would be amazing for bigger breeds too for those reading with larger pets in mind. While the OLK training confirms the program works for any breed, any age, any size (and I can attest it does- my little guy is only 25 pounds!) I can imagine it would be truly amazing for bigger dogs. The training facility is equipped with lots of large obstacle pieces and things to jump on to. I grew up with Pitbulls and Boxers and was thinking that my childhood dogs (never trained professionally, good dogs but total goofballs) could have really benefited from some time with Chris!

FIVE STARS: Thank you so much Chris and OLK9 Training Maryland!!!


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