About Mike:

Mike was born and raised in Maryland. He grew up playing Lacrosse and football from his youth through high school into college. His love for dogs came when he was just 5 years old and his family brought home a German Shepherd named “Jackie”. The two were inseparable. When Mike was in his 20’s he adopted a Siberian Husky, “Bandit” which was a handful. This dog loved to chew furniture, pulling on walks and howled every time he was left alone. He began searching for help with proffesional trainers. He was told that Husky’s were a stubborn breed and nothing was guaranteed.  Not satisfied with the results he decided he wanted to learn how to train dogs himself and took a K9 Trainers course and was certified a few weeks later. Seeing that in the 1990’s, a lot of older trainers were stuck in the 1960’s method of dog training. Mike began going to seminars and reading books to get new training ideas.  These newer updated ideas were working with his Husky and the once troubled companion was now obedient and deepen the bond between them. He then started training friends and neighbors to help them obtain obedience and help form that same bond he experienced.


Work History:

In the late 90’s, Mike became a police officer and worked his way into his dream job as a K9 Officer.

Due to his dedication and performance in training and on the road, he quickly worked his way from handler to lead trainer before retiring in 2016. During his 10 years in the K9 unit, he had the opportunity to train various breeds of dogs in obedience, agility, patrol, and odor work for Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies in Maryland.

“My goal here at Off Leash K9 Training Maryland is to train and educate dog owners on how to train their dog to become attentive companions.” -Mike


Mike works on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon/evenings at our Jessup location. He also offers in-home lessons on Monday afternoon and evenings. If you would like to schedule with Mike click here