About Lauren:

Lauren is 27 years and has been a lifelong resident of beautiful, rural southern Anne Arundel County. She grew up an avid member of her local 4-H club where she showed rabbits and horses at the AA County Fair and the MD State Fair. She developed a love for animals of all kinds as a small child and enjoyed volunteering at her local riding stable in exchange for time in the saddle. She has always loved dogs but couldn’t have her own as a kid due to her mother’s allergies. Because of this she became her neighborhood dog walker and soaked up as much puppy time as she could.

Work History:

As an adult, she made up for lost time and currently owns 3 dogs, 2 barncats, a housecat, a rabbit, 2 goats and 4 horses. Lauren has been a horse trainer for the past 9 years and has trained many types of horses including racehorses, pleasure horses as well as starting colts from the ground up. She’s excited to make the leap over to dog training as dogs are her true passion. She has 3 dogs of her own, a yellow lab, a rottweiler and a shih tzu. She has trained both of her big dogs through advanced obedience using e collar technology. She has also trained her lab Roxanne to retrieve waterfowl over land and water to hand using this amazing training system.

Her time with Off Leash K9 Training Maryland:

She underwent extensive hands on training at Off Leash K9 Training’s Maryland headquarters in Jessup, MD. Her goals at Off Leash are to help share her knowledge and training experience with her community to help their dogs become better members of society. She has worked with dogs of all ages and breeds and behaviors. She is interested in eventually expanding her training to include K9 tracking. She also offers lessons as an extension of OLK9 MD in her area to serve southern MD & PG County. In her free time she enjoys spending time around the farm, riding her horses, working her own dogs and relaxing with her family.


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Calvert County lesson at Dunkirk Park on Sundays and Wednesdays!

Lauren works in Jessup on Tuesdays.

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