Danny was born and raised in Baltimore MD and started her love for dogs at an early age by helping the family raise their hunting dogs. Growing up she always had cats and dogs of her own that she spent all her time with, teaching them tricks.


Work History

While in college, she started working at an Emergency Vet Clinic. It was during that time there as a vet tech that she discovered her passion was to be a trainer. She did everything she could to learn what dog training was really about and develop her skills as a trainer. Reading articles, observing other dog trainers, viewing training videos, studying about dog behavior, training methods, training tools, and worked with as many dogs as she could. By helping neighbors, family members and coworkers teach their dogs basic obedience and manners she expanded upon her talent. She spent time working at doggy day care facilities to exposing herself to many different breeds and behaviors to keep herself build her resume.  Her test of knowledge and skill set really came when she decided she wanted competition and working dogs like the ones she grew up with. She now owns two Dutch Shepherds that have trained to multiple AKC titles and actively compete with in dock diving, lure coursing, barn hunt, weight pull, scent detection and personal protection.

She has a true passion to see dogs learn, and watch them problem solve. After discovering the success the Off Leash K9 program has had, she decided this is the place where she could really make a difference to dogs and their owners. Her goals as a trainer is to show owners how to strengthen their bond with their dogs through structure and training. I also believe dogs are happiest with a job; that job can be as simple as sitting politely at an open doorway, confidently walking off leash right at your side, or calmly laying down for petting in a nursing home or as complex as jumping as far as they can off of a dock, running an agility course or using their nose to tracking down a lost pet. No matter what the job is the foundation is obedience, confidence, trust and a strong bond with your dog. She wants to help owners find what that job is for their dog and help them achieve success.

Danny works  in Jessup on Sunday mornings,  Monday and Friday evenings.

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