• Training your new Puppy - So you just brought your new puppy home, now what?   You just came home with a fluffy little 8 week old puppy, and besides the basic food, bowls, and toys what else do you need. A TRAINER!!!! Find someone to get you started on basic commands of come, sit, down and to get your READ MORE
  • Raising a confident Dog - Raising a confident Dog Socialization and Desensitization   We want our dogs to grow up to be the happy and confident and not be "that dog" everyone avoids. You probably hear trainers and vets talking about these buzz words; socializing, desensitizing, etc... well at least I hope you are. These two things are very critical in READ MORE
  • Puppy Play Time coming to Off Leash K9 Training, Maryland -   Puppy Play Time We are starting some new programs at our Jessup location. The first one we are beginning this month is Puppy Play Time! This will be held twice a month on Wednesday evenings. This group session is for puppies ages 12 weeks to 12 months to learn how to play with other READ MORE