Ashley Barclay

Dog Trainer at our Jessup Facility:

When I got married to an Active Duty Service Member and left home I knew I had to have a dog to complete our family. No matter what town, state, or country we have lived in, or how many times my husband had to leave home for long periods of time, I always had my dogs to make my house a home and to keep me company. Growing up in a house full of Rottweilers and a mother determined to show the world that the breed and size does not determine obedience led me to rescue Aria and Odin. Aria is a lab/pit mix and Odin is a Stafford Terrier Mix.

During a deployment Odin lost his confidence and pack order, and became overly protective of Aria and me. He quickly turned aggressive to the point where it started to scare people. I was asked to remove him from my home and I couldn’t imagine loosing my little buddy. So I moved to our next duty station while my husband was still overseas. Upon arriving to our new home I searched out dog trainers in the area who could help me find his confidence again and realign the pack order so I could handle him. My search led me to Off Leash K9 Training, Maryland. I went from being afraid to walk him in public to being able to take him everywhere with me. I was able to see firsthand how Off Leash K9 Training can improve any dog owner’s life and bond with their K9 friend. Odin’s transformation made me want to be a dog trainer and help others.

Ashley’s Experience:

I have been a trainer at Off Leash K9 Training, Maryland for over a year. The classes I teach are puppy classes, basic obedience and advanced obedience classes. Training dogs of all sizes, ranging from 6 lbs to 150 pounds, as well as many varying breeds has given me the experience to handle any dog that comes to us. My Husband and I welcome board and trains into our home. Getting to work with different dogs during the two week board and train program gives me the ability to see their daily progress. As a dog trainer seeing the transformation from beginning to end is amazing. My favorite part of training exposing them to distractions. As a former client, I know just how important stability is around all those expected (and often times unexpected) distractions. I love searching for the most crowded place to work a dog. I enjoy the bonding time and making them become a part of our home. Training needs to be fun and engaging for my clients. Everyone learns more when they are having fun!

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